Urgent action needed for Whooping Cranes

Four Whooping Cranes Are Dead

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) are investigating the deaths— the result of an outrageous illegal shooting event. We are angry and heartsick. The International Crane Foundation, along with many partners, has invested millions of dollars and decades of time and expertise to bring Whooping Cranes back from the brink of extinction. And in an instant four birds are gone forever.  We can’t bring back these four, but we can bring the perpetrators to justice. We can redouble our efforts to protect Whooping Cranes along their hazardous migration routes. We can expand our cooperative work with hunters and hunting groups to increase awareness of Whooping Crane presence. And we can continue to be the voice and act for Whooping Cranes on their wintering grounds in Texas and through reintroduction efforts in Wisconsin and Louisiana. 

We can and we will. But not without your help.

Earlier this week we shared the news that a proposal is under consideration by the USFWS to downlist Whooping Cranes from Endangered to Threatened. We are deeply concerned about this proposal if it moves forward. These four deaths illustrate just how fragile the recovery of this species remains. Please take action today with a contribution.

Every crane counts.

Dr. Richard Beilfuss, International Crane Foundation President and CEO

P.S. Decades of hard work and vigilance have kept Whooping Cranes alive on our planet, and each one of you decided to help along the way. Together, we are playing a lead role in the historic comeback of Whooping Cranes. It is our collective legacy. 

International Crane Foundation

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