© Dave Roemer

Whooping crane with sandhills, Barren Co., KY

2 Responses to Photos

  1. Caryn Sappelli says:

    These Sandhill Cranes are so beautiful! I copied one of the flying photos for my PC wallpaper at work.
    I truly feel the state would be generate more tourism income publicizing the migration of these birds through KY than by hunting them. I can’t wait to travel to see them the next time they come through!

  2. Phyllis B. Ladd says:

    Where are these beautiful birds located?? We have just returned from Sebring, FL where we fell in love with them. While there a couple hatched out 2 eggs and both chicks were healthy when we left the last of February. I had no idea they were anywhere in KY or TN until I saw a letter to the editor in the Paducah Sun regarding the unthinkable act of hunting these beauties!!! Where can we see them????

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